Short stories:

“Moving Forward,” in Sand Hills

“A Worthy Challenge,” in Hemingway Shorts Vol. 7

“The Woman of the House,” in The Write Launch

“The Cadence of Silvery Waves,” in Newtown Literary and a Contributor Interview

“A Better Son,” in Columbia Journal 

Dona Lita’s Last Week at Home,” in Minola Review

Em português (works in Portuguese):

“O voltar,” Revista Estrofe

“Arejamento,” Raízes – Brazilian Women Poets in Translation, editora Venas Abiertas

“A Essência das Coisas,” Nordeste Aqui Dentro, editora Arrelique

“Aluga-se,” Ruído Manifesto


“Per J. Andersoon’s ‘The Amazing Story of the Man Who Cycled from India to Europe for Love'” in Words Without Borders

“Dorothy Tse’s ‘Snow and Shadow'” in Words Without Borders

“Luis Negrón’s ‘Mundo Cruel'” in Three Percent

“João Almino’s ‘The Book of Emotions'” in Three Percent

“From the Land of Samba, a Stew of Memories” in the New York Times